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Little Woodrow's in Katy, TX: neon signs.


Neon Never Goes Out Of Style

"They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway.", crooned the talented music legend George Benson in his 1978 hit song "On Broadway".  Historically, when peoples' names were emblazoned on custom neon signs on Broadway, it was an apparent indicator that their career had reached the pinnacle.

  • Classic neon light signs are electric signs illuminated by rarefied neon or other gases enclosed within long glass tubes. When the neon comes in contact with a high voltage electrical current, the gases emit a bright glowing light.  


  • Tubes of neon light were first displayed at the Paris Motor Show in 1910 by Georges Claude, who owned the first patent for neon lighting.  Since then, neon gas has been the most common method used to light up signs, including those nostalgic beer signs of antiquity that many won't admit to coveting.  Unlike the avocado green, mustard yellow, or carnation pink colored household appliances of bygone times; classic neon signs are still universally popular and currently relevant.

  • In the recent past, technological innovations have transformed the lighting industry, resulting in contemporary products like LED (light emitting diode) lighting; which is widely favored today.  LED technology continues to spawn new lighting concepts and applications, including LED neon signs.


Albeit, there are many similarities as well as unique differences in the appearance, pliability, and color breadth between classic neon lights and LED neon lights; the choice would be based on the sign design and your desired outcome.  Out team of experts will guide you in determining which type of neon is best suited for your sign.

Some examples of custom neon signs from our portfolio are shown below. 


If all or part of your neon light sign is not working, give us a call for a no obligation neon sign repair consultation.

Fun Facts About Classic Neon

  • Neon means "new".

  • The stars in our universe produce neon.

  • Neon is one of the Noble gases and is pulled out of the air.

  • It requires 88,000 pounds of liquid air to produce 1 pound of neon.

  • In its purest form, neon glows reddish-orange.

  • Neon glows when it comes into contact with a high voltage of electrical current.

  • Neon is also used in lasers, electronic equipment, and diving gear; and is a highly effective refrigerant.

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