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Let There Be Light Up Signs!

Imagine what life was like before Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb in 1879.  It's probably safe to assume that activities were utterly limited after dusk.  Although candlelight may create an ambient surrounding, it's probably insufficient to light up the signage to your business so customers could find you after sunset.

Lighted wall signs are a style of signs that are three-dimensional in construction, so that they are able to house lights internally.  This sign-making methodology also applies across all categories of lighted signs to include multi-tenant signs, monument signs, pylon signs, neon signsand other sign designs.


The most common techniques in which lights can be incorporated into a wall sign are inside, outline, behind, or a combination of any of these.  Using channel letter signs as an example, since they are the most prevalent: each letter is basically like a box in which LED lights or neon lights are placed inside following the contour or "channel" of each letter.

Some examples from our portfolio that illustrate these sign styles are shown here, and more examples are shown in our gallery below. 

Studewood Grill open face channel letter wall sign is illuminated with exposed classic neon lights.

This is an example of an "open face" or "exposed" channel letter sign.  The front of each individual character is not covered, so that the lighting inside, typically classic neon, could be seen.

Zentech front lit channel letter wall and logo signs are illuminated with LED lights.

This is an example of a "front lit" or "internally illuminated" channel letter sign.  Each letter is individually covered, so that the light source inside is contained and illuminates forward.

Chic Lash Boutique back lit channel letter wall sign.

This is an example of a "back lit" or "halo lit" channel letter sign.  The back of each letter is not covered, so that the light source casts from behind them, thus creating a halo glow effect.

Lacquer London Nail Lounge channel letter wall and logo signs are front lit and back lit with LED lights.

This is an example of combining both the front lit and back lit techniques into the channel letter wall sign and logo sign.  The  martini glass logo sign is back lit with LED lights in the color red.

The construction of the building fascia wall, the landlord's signage requirements, and/or local governing sign code are the dominant criteria that determine signage installation methodology. 


  • Some lighted wall signs must first be mounted onto a power strip, called a wireway or raceway, that house the transformers and wires; before being installed onto the building fascia wall.

  • Other guidelines do not require the addition of a wireway or raceway as the transformers already exist behind the building fascia wall.

Either method, an external electrical source at the installation site is required in order to power the sign.  We'll make this determination for you during our site survey assessment.

Contact us for a free consultation or if you need more information.

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