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Built-In Value Multiplied

Multi-tenant signs are free standing pylon signs or monument signs with multiple signage spaces or "cabinets" typically constructed for shopping centers, malls, office buildings, or other developments that house multiple vendor/business tenants.  Their purpose is to help customers quickly identify and locate businesses within a specific market complex.

When contemplating the design of a multi-tenant sign, be sure to take into consideration the following:

  • Ensure that there are an ample number of tenant cabinets available for the number of potential tenants, and that each space is large enough for optimal visibility.  Too often, landlords overlook this criteria and end up cramming multiple tenants into limited spaces resulting in tenant obscurity and a frustrating user experience.

  • An electrical source must be established near the installation site in order to power the multi-tenant sign, whether illuminated internally or externally.

  • The clearance height of the sign and the landscaping that may be planted near its base should be thoroughly evaluated beforehand.  Trees and plants grow taller and wider over time and can obstruct the visibility of the lower tenant spaces, whereby rendering them less beneficial.

A well maintained multi-tenant sign improves the property value for the landlord, increases visibility and foot traffic for the business tenant; and increases ROI for both landlord and tenant.  If your multi-tenant sign is in disrepair or the design is suboptimal, contact us for a free evaluation to restore your sign to peak performance. 

Refer to our Sign Repair and Sign Restoration gallery for examples of our multi-tenant sign make-overs.  Other examples of multi-tenant signs from our portfolio are shown below. 

Contact us for a free consultation or if you need more information.

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