Neighbors Emergency Center in Pasadena, TX: LED display signage on a monument sign.


DeSigned For The Great Outdoors

LED signage is electronic signage that is comprised of a flat panel screen that uses a compilation of light-emitting diodes (LED) as pixels to generate a video presentation.  The brightness of the pixels coupled with the durability of the screen makes them ideal for outdoors where they are still visible in the sunlight, yet effective as a light up sign at night.  Custom LED light signs can be used as a stand-alone unit or built into signage and billboards to enhance their appearance and usefulness.  LED signage displays are often incorporated into pylon signs,  multi-tenant signs , monument signs, and wall signs; and a variety of examples from our portfolio are shown below.

Also, a LED signage display is superior to the changeable reader board in that advertisements, notices, or messages can be displayed onto the screen and updated frequently from a remote location, without ladders or ever breaking a sweat.  LED signage displays may be retrofitted into an existing sign to replace a worn out reader boards or added as an improvement.  Contact us if LED signage may be an option you have been pondering or if you need more information.