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The Refinery and Shave in Downtown Houston: pylon sign.


Soar Over Your Competition

Pylon signs (or pole signs) are freestanding structures that are supported by a single or multiple poles, that must be installed at least six feet into the ground.  They are the tallest and largest type of sign available, with some stretching up to 100 feet high.

  • In general, the taller the pylon sign, the wider the circumference and/or the greater the quantity of the support pole(s); thus providing a substantial foundation for sizable LED displays, and/or multiple sign cabinets to be mounted onto it.  Multi-tenant signs and billboards are types of pylon signs.  A variety of examples from our portfolio are shown below.

  • Most pylon signs are composed of three-dimensional sign cabinets that can house light sources in the same manner as channel letter signs.  Similar to that of the lighted wall signs, the techniques to illuminate pylon signs may be internally built-in or external using peripheral lights.  Akin to the multi-tenant sign, an established electrical source and landscaping considerations apply to pylon signs as well.

  • The primary advantage of pylon signs is that they may be installed along feeder roads near freeways or along major thoroughfares, making the them highly visible from a distance. 

Pylon signs can lift your business to greater heights of public awareness and help it soar over the competition.  Contact us and we'll help you achieve your goals.

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