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Eddy's Tavern & Social in San Antonio, TX: wall signage.


Another Dimension In Sign

Non-lighted wall signs are flat or dimensional signs that do not have internal space to house a light source.    Rather, most are routed letter signs installed directly onto the building fascia wall and may or may not be illuminated by an external light source or lamps that shine directly onto the sign for visibility at night.  However, there are exceptions where three dimensional signs are requested without internal lighting.

  • Unlike light up signs, non-lighted signs provide the flexibility to take advantage of the entire building fascia wall, because the sign design is not typically defined by external electrical sources that restrict the installation area.

  • Non-lighted signs are a feasible option for businesses/organizations that do not operate after sunset, have alternative external light sources; or are not available to the general public where casual foot traffic and passersby are essential. 


  • Non-lighted signs are more economical than light up signs, because they are less intricate in design; hence fewer materials and production time.

Nevertheless, the non-lighted sign option need not be confined within its own category.  Pairing it with a light up primary sign results in quite a visually fx-tive sign combination, as showcased in our Lighted Wall Signs gallery.  Some examples of non-lighted wall signs from our portfolio are shown below.

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