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Kirby Ice House monument neon sign.


The Low Profile That Gets Noticed

The most distinguishing characteristic of a monument sign, also called a ground sign, is that it has a low profile with little or no open space between the ground and the sign. 


  • Monument signs can be a single tenant or multi-tenant sign; be internally illuminated with LED lights or neon lights; externally illuminated with spotlights; or have LED display screens incorporated into it in various creative ways.  Furthermore, they may be constructed of a combination of brick, wood, metal, or materials similar in appearance.

  • Some examples of monument signs from our portfolio are shown below, and examples with a mixture of sign elements are dispersed within our Multi-tenant Signs and LED Display Signage galleries.  

  • Similar to the pylon sign, monument signs may be installed along feeder roads near freeways or along major thoroughfares, too.  In contrast, monument signs are intended to be viewed at the eye-level of passersby, and some jurisdictions only allow for this type of sign. 

Not sure what the sign code is for your area?  Entrust us to decipher it for you and assist you in making the right determination for your sign project.

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