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Neighbors Emergency Center in Pasadena, TX: truck wrecked into LED monument sign.


What Is Your Sign Communicating?

An anonymous person once said "A business with no sign, is a sign of no business."  Signage is a business' lifeline to the general public and its most effective form of visual communication. 


  • Studies show that signage accounts for approximately 50% of a business' new customers; and 35% of passersby said they wouldn't have known about a business if it wasn't for its signage.  Dilapidated signage is equivalent to having no signage at all.


  • Whether your sign needs a major overhaul, minor repairs, lighting replacements, or just a little updating; you can be confident that our team of experts will provide the tender loving care your sign needs to restore it back to good working order or upgrade it to remain relevant.  


We perform make-overs or repairs on all types of signs and are neon sign repair specialists.  Consider taking advantage of our sign financing option for your sign restoration project.  Some "Before and After" examples from our portfolio are shown below.

Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.  We'll provide a diagnosis along with cost-effective solutions for your sign.

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