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Magnolia Little Shop on Bosque in Waco, TX: reclaimed mixed letters roof sign.


Green In Your Wallet And The Environment

In their national bestseller, The Magnolia Story, Chip and Joanna Gaines wrote that due to limited funds, Chip obtained a mishmash of reclaimed channel letters and used them to make the sign for their original store, "Magnolia".  Since then, the Gaineses have become famous, and their store with its original sign remains in operation today as "Magnolia - Little Shop on Bosque".

Occasionally, we stumble upon signage that remain on vacated storefronts or buildings that were left behind.  Sometimes, minds are changed, modifications made, or for various other reasons sign designs get put aside.  As our company is committed to environmental sustainability, one of our initiatives is to prevent production waste by upcycling forsaken signs.

Many of these signs are still in great condition and can be customized to meet your project needs at a fraction of the cost of a newly fabricated equivalent sign.  When applicable, sign components may be purchased separately or as a whole unit.  Be sure to check back with us periodically as our inventory may change.  Give us a call or send us an email to discuss the possibilities or to inquire about pricing.

Individual Channel Letters

Ampersand Symbol or dP

Directional Arrow

Individual Channel Letters